October 2018 Roundup

October 2018 was a great month, and further proves that October, and Halloween in general, is one of the best times in the year. This month, I watched Stranger Things, which is pretty much a Halloween/October tradition. I listen to a lot of 80’s themed music in October. I still listened to Neck Deep, but I also listened to Bands like the Killers. Ice Nine Kills came out with their new album The Silver Scream, and it was great. It is the perfect album for October, because every song is named after a horror movie. I also saw the new Halloween, and it was great, and even lived up to the original.

At the very beginning of October, we had homecoming, and even though it was kind of stressful, it was good. We decorated the halls and everything, I dressed up as Kurt Cobain for character day. We did a Marvel-themed skit for our homecoming skit, and we ending up getting 3rd place, which is right where we should be. Taking Faith was great, we took pictures in the photo booth at the dinner, but besides that it was a lot like last year. Afterwards I went to Gabby’s house for an afterparty, where we watched the Conjuring. It was fun, and we ended up playing manhunt. I took Faith to the backyard of Gabby’s neighbor’s house, where we (kind of cheesily) looked at the (lack of ) stars and I kissed her for the first time. After that, I headed to Blake’s house for another afterparty, where someone brought a bookbag full of Coors and Bud Light, so that was nice. I had around 3 or 4, and was super fucked by the end of the night. They poured water on my head and I didn’t wake up. It was a rough day the next day haha.

This year we did the Caraway Mountain run again with XC. This year it was pretty fun, we all went hard, and afterwards Ian and I went home and got some pizza, it was a good day.I also hung out with Blake, we had a horror movie marathon we called #MUSKTILDUSK. We watched Southbound, Circle, then took a break to go to the graveyard with Ian (we hopped the fence to take a smoke). It was chilly, but it was fun. I also had some sick days, which were convenient because Black Ops 4 had just come out, so I was playing that all day. . Davidson’s Halloween party was also fun, I wore a Jason mask because the XC championship ran late. The Championship race was crazy, the night before it flooded, so the entire race course was mud and marsh, the start was crazy, and at some parts, the river overflowed across the path so you had to wade through. I saw a guy go down in front of me, and he unfortunately rolled down the entire hill, and didn’t get back in the race. Skate South was also better this week. During the week of Halloween, we play the “Halloween” movie theme and turn the lights off. We also put on masks and go scare people. Ethan and I also had the idea to fix the broken pinball machine by tilting it, so the stuck balls would roll back in the hole they were near. To our surprise, they all shot back up, and as it turns out, the pit was spring loaded. It had to be the funniest thing I’ve seen while working. I also listened to “Nerve” by The Story so Far so many times this month. Overall, it was a great month, and a really good month to end XC season to.