October 2017 Roundup

October 2017 was one of the best months so far. It also contained the second best holiday, Halloween. I love Halloween because it gives me an excuse to watch even more horror movies than I do usually. Speaking of movies, I saw one of the greatest ones in my entire life. Blade Runner 2049 was a mazing, and everything from the set design to the cinematography and soundtrack blew me away. Homecoming was also this month and it was a blast. It’s nice to dress up every once in awhile, and the afterparty afterwards was fun. Fall Break was a great chance to relax, and I started the tradition of watching a horror movie every night of the break, it was a blast. I also went to spookywoods with some girls and Blake and Davidson, that was fun as well. The next week I unfortunately got into a car wreck; my brother was driving, we hydroplaned, and I busted my face up and sprained my neck and had to stay out a couple days. This also affected my placement and performance in the NC states CC meet. The trip beforehand was a fun one, though. I am relieved the season is over, even though I did have fun, but it is nice to have some time to yourself. Davidson Dew’s family had their annual halloween party, and I went as Maverick from Top Gun, and Davidson was Ferris Bueller. It was a great party, like always. I also saw another amazing film, one that was considered a cult classic, and to which I have to agree. “Donnie Darko” is a fantastic movie, and constantly surprised me in its originality and creativity. “Stranger Things” also came out this October, and there is not a greater time than Halloween to watch that show. My family and I sat down and watch that for Hallowee, and also carved our own individual pumpkins. I also bought a used jean jacket and corduroy jacket with money that I got from my script-writing job. It seems like a lot of 80’s fashion trends are back in style, which is fine by me. If 90’s style ever gets popular, I think I’ll have to pass. Overall, October 2017 was a great month, and November and December are creeping right up.