November 2017 Roundup

November 2017 was another great month, so far this year, ninth grade, has been awesome. I am having a great time. Lately I have been looking more into acting careers, and the military also looks promising as a way of paying for college. Acting is very interesting. I also enjoy streetwear style and styles of the 80’s (sneakers, rugby shirts, big hair, etc.) streetwear is expensive but the hoodies look sick. A lot of things happened this month, and that included my parents’ birthdays. I went down to Charlotte for my dad’s birthday, and I saw his game. We also had a delicious meal of hash (beef, beets, and eggs) and then went to Discovery Place to look at the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. I also went to the renaissance Festival with my family. A man in a flash costume complimented my long hair (now cut, but it wasn’t that long). We saw different comedy acts and got some really delicious bread bowls to eat. It was cold so I got to wear my bomber jacket. I then saw “Happy Death Day” with the guys, and it was very very good and funny. We had a good time, and played “Body Body”, which is a fun game. In the second to last week of the month, I went on a leadership retreat in D.C. with the leadership team from Wesleyan. Boris, Davidson, my brother, and I all roomed together, and it was good. The conference was decent, with Kathy Kock being the best speaker by far. We finished “The Punisher” on Netflix, and it was great, albeit very very gory. Later that week we went to visit my grandparents in Virginia. We had a good time, my brother and I bought some old 1940’s safety razors, and after having tested mine out, I can attest that it does provide a very close shave, and is less irritant than a normal cartridge Gillette razor. I have also been settling in to a great routine at night: I write a script, play guitar, shower, then I sit down with a cup of coffee and play Destiny 2 while I listen to YouTube videos (usually Ben SHapiro or Gray Bailey). Overall, this has been a fantastic month, and I look forward to December.