March, April, May 2019 Roundup

From now on, I will be doing these entries in 3-month quarters, just to make it more digestible and not as annoying to update.

March was a great month overall. This month I wrote a lot of songs, and listened to a lot of unique music. I found out about Citizen, Marietta, and American Football. I listened to a lot of math rock in general this month.I listen to American Football every morning when I’m waking up, it’s a great album. I got really into The Story So Far this month, and I listen to their albums on the way to track practice everyday.

Track is really fun since Austin, Lauren, Mason, and Keaton make it worthwhile. I played a lot of Far Cry 5 this month, since I never really got into it until now. There is a lot to do in the game world. I also played a lot of Apex Legends, and it is still fresh for a relatively new game. I usually listen to the Tiny Meat Gang podcast while I play Apex. I also listened to Joe Rogan a lot this week, and he had some great guests on. It was also my birthday this month, and it was ok. I got some TSSF merch so that was nice. I also got cash so that was useful. I hung out with the bussdown group this month, so we went to Reese’s house and to Freddy’s for burgers, and after that we watched the SouthPaw movie.

Later in the month I went to Sydney’s 16th birthday party, which was very fun, and later that night I went to Blake’s house. Stanton and Will/Eli spent the whole night watching Game of Thrones on a laptop so we resolved ourselves to just try to fuck with them the whole night. Alec and I also purchased a PA system this month, and took our first steps to practice as an actual band, which was definitely great. Its all very new but i hope to get the hang of it. I also saw the new Montley Crue movie, and it was very hilarious but also oddly inspiring to me. It really motivated me to get out there and really start grinding to make this band thing work.

I also read The Dead Zone by Stephen King for my English book report, and it was very good, and had an extremely satisfying ending. I also reached one of the lowest points I had ever been, and one night downed two cough syrup bottles of DXM. It was the worst high I have ever experienced, and the dissociation that came with it was terrible. I tried to watch some music videos until I passed out and woke up at 2am on the floor.

I am getting better and am trying to get over that shit. Overall March was a decent month.

April was another good month. I went out to dinner with Mason, Lauren, and Austin after a track meet. We had some interesting track practices, including one where we snuck into the colosseum to run stairs in it. We had our last track meet at Cannon school. I ran the 4x800, but i decided i would go all out in the mile, because Nathan decided to as well. I ran as hard as I could, and almost broke 5 minutes with a time of 5:.00.91. After that i had to fight for my position in the 3200 meter run, and it was difficult. That was my mile PR and I’m super glad about it.

On Sunday I was the only one home so I played some guitar outside and listened to the bend LIT, I also made a flamethrower in order to kill some wasps that were bugging me. I listened to PUP’s new album, “Morbid Things” a lot this month, in addition to The Story So Far’s “Under Soil and Dirt” and “Things You Don’t See”.

I also found a great local Charlotte band called at Never HOme, who helped me get through a lot of shit this month. One day I went to go see the movie US with Stanton and Blake and got to listen to the entirety of The Offspring’s “Americana” because of the amount of traffic, which was crazy, although US was not very good. I also saw 13 Reasons Why season 1 and season 2, which has become a spring break tradition.

I smoked weed for the first time with Ethan Blair, and it was insane, i hit a dab pen and we watched cartoons before I fell asleep. Colby also came back to work with his dab pen so iI hit it a couple of times at work, and was super high while at work, which is something I’ve never done, but the only problem with that was the fact that I spent 3 dollars on chips. I got some weed and smoked almost every day of spring break with my brother.

Eating food is awesome, but we also watched Jonah Hill’s movie mid90s and played some Black Ops Zombies, mostly “The Giant” map. Ian also went on his trip to Brazil, and I think it was good for him. He got back safe and sound. Parker, Ian, his girlfriend Anna, and I went to go see Rainbow Kitten Surprise in Charlotte. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and their music has an incredible feel live. They played “Freefall” live, and it was absolutely amazing. Parker and I were the ones who stayed awake on the way home while we listened to Dave Chappelle and Dermot Kennedy.

Overall, it was a great month.

May was a great month, and I started feeling better in comparison to the past month. March was tough, but May was a release from school and other things. I listened to some more The Story So Far, especially Proper Dose. I also listened to more Never Home. This week I learned a lot of acoustic songs, including Meet Me in the Woods, The Glass, and some Jesse Stewart songs like Cold Beer. I also listened to the new Wallows album.

Nan and mark came to High Point for a week so we helped her move and they are with us for a couple of days which was nice. I also watched more Cody Ko and Pulp Fiction, which was good. Senior chapel for Wesleyan was cool but a little sad, it’s crazy to think that Ian is going to be a senior. After that we played soccer at track practice for the last practice ever.

After that I worked Miracle League, where Stanton and I received a physically difficult kid, but over the course of the session he began to trust us. My mom and I fought a lot this week, which was disappointing, but we have never been close. I had states for track so I went down to Charlotte and ran in the 4x800 and 4x400, in the 4x800 I ran a 2:16 and in the 4x400 I ran around a 1:00 or 59. It was really hot there but we tried to do our best, the schools at Cannon were incredibly fast.

I also listened to some Neck Deep, and i think I like the subculture of punk/ pop punk music that I got into, as it has gotten me through a couple of tough times. I also worked one day of all sports camp, and after that went to Abbey’s house for a pool party. I also watched Chronicle with my brothers, and it is an amazing movie, possibly one of my favorites. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it before, it is right up my alley. It’s just a couple of friends who receive telekinetic powers and what unfolds between them.

When I was in charlotte the topic of abortion came up and my dad decided to be a piece of shit and tell me things about my mother that i don’t even know are true or not. He said that whoever gets an abortion is a monster who doesn’t care about life and that one of the prime reasons he and my mother split up was because of an abortion she got, and that I would have another brother if not for her. I didn’t say anything, and I still don’t know how I feel about it or whether or not I should give a shit.

When we got home I ran into the city and kind of just walked around for two hours but everyone at the head shops asked for ID so I sauntered home. I at least was able to snag some beer since my dad is such a drunk dumbass he doesn’t remember where he puts his thrown away cans or how much he drank the next morning.

I also played som Gmod this month, and started a new show called The Society, which was very entertaining and bingeable. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope it gets a second season. I also talked with Ian about some really deep things that I haven’t talked to anyone else about. We Also took a trip to App State, which was pretty fun, and I started to read some of Noam Chomsky’s works there.