July 2018 Roundup

This month was even better than June by far, it was a really great summer month. For July 4th we went to Oak Hollow mall and watched “The Bruno Mars Experience”, which was a decent Bruno Mars cover band. The rest of that holiday was normal

This month I listened to a lot of punk music this month, and some rock. I watched Riverdale for most of the month. It’s a poorly written show, but something about cheesy teen dramas I like, simply because they are so easy to watch. It has a weird “out of time” aesthetic, with characters being a mix of 50’s and modern style clothing. I also watched a lot of the YouTube channel Kody Ko this week. All in all it’s a decent CW show. I finished Joe Pera Talks With You, and it is one of the most heartwarming shows on television. I can’t describe it as anything else, you have to see it. I also saw Mission Impossible: Fallout, and it was pretty good, and probably my favorite Mission Impossible movie.

I started working at Skate South this month, it’s not the worst job ever, and it’s good to have gas money. I also went bowling with Gabriela, Isabella, and Davidson. We all had a good time even though Ethan couldn’t come.We went to Tropical Smoothie and then to Dick’s sporting goods to mess around.

After that I went to my Dad’s for a week, and we went down to Florida for the week. IT was a fun week, and we went to both of the universal parks. We enjoyed Harry Potter land the most, but the Hulk ride and the Mummy ride were also great. We saw Mission Impossible and stayed at a nice Disney resort where I could watch Netflix while doing my long runs. It was a very fun week and we had a lot of good memories, like going to the Coke Building.

I also remember fondly driving Ian to work everyday while listening to Kid Cudi, but he eventually got his own car.

Once I got back from my dad’s, I had the best day of my life, and of the whole summer for all I know. On Monday, July 31st, 2018, we all went to the last warped tour in Charlotte. We woke up, had some coffee and headed on the car ride there. Jackson and Ian picked up a juul for me on the way. Once we arrived, as soon as we got out of the car a monk approached us, he was in his 20’s with a shaved head, and handed us three books on meditation for free, but we gave him a 10 dollar tip. Once we got in I realized that Waterparks were going to play next, so we hurried out to the left stage. We didn’t know most bands but had heard by word of mouth that they were good.

After that, we went to find our favorite band, Amity Affliction’s stage. On the way there, we wandered to a random stage, and we would find out later that the band was called Every Time I Die, who are incredibly talented. We got drenched by rain during their set, but the lead didn’t give a shit and kept the crowd hyped. After that, we saw Reel Big Fish and Mayday Parade, and both were great. We got some hotdogs and food while we had an hour to spare. After that we headed over the the Mutant Red Stage, next to where Motionless in White was playing. Then we finally got to see Amity, and that was the best concert ever. They opened up the pit right beside us, and I was in there for about 5 seconds before being totally launched, but I got to enjoy the concert, and the insane show they put on. Usually they only played 5 songs, but for this one they played 7. There were people moshing and crowd surfing all over the place. I loved Warped Tour because it felt like a place where you could be whoever you are, and no one gave a fuck. I truly believe that punk is and will be the most progressive music genre ever. All in all, it was a great month.