Having "The Typical High School Experience"

I know it sounds stupid to say, but earlier this month, as we were driving home from a track practice, my brother said, “Does it seem sometimes that our life is like a movie?” I know it’s kind of redundant to discuss this, and that movies are based on life, but I do feel that you go through certain situations in life that seem like cliches from movies.

Being a freshman in high school I feel like sometimes all the “stupid” high school cliches are happening to me. I watched Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why and am just now watching Freaks and Geeks, and I really empathize with all of them but 13 Reasons Why. Every classic “high school” experience (like going to parties, skipping school, smoking, getting made fun of by upperclassmen, homecoming, driving around when you're sixteen, spirit week, girlfriends, cliques, sneaking out of the house, etc.) are easily obtainable.

Most people look at high school fondly in their memories so I want to make sure that I “do it right” in a sense. I don’t really fit into a certain group at school, since I am kind of a jock (if you consider track haha) and I like music (playing guitar mostly, but I am getting into making my own lil peep-esque music.) I also have a diverse group of friends.

As far as the typical high school experience goes, that’s what I’m getting, which is ok with me. I am also starting to skateboard and listen to Blink 182 so that’s another stereotype i conform to. I don’t plan on dropping out if that’s any gauge to how I think of it. I feel like you have to make your own fun in life, I know that sounds stupid lmao.

If you need a list of examples of stereotype that I am talking about here’s a small list: (Stranger Things,Scream tv show and the first movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Malcolm in the Middle, Donnie Darko, 13 Reasons Why, Atypical, and Freaks and Geeks).

I am running for student government which sucks but looks good on a cv. It’s kind of weird that I want to do stupid stuff just to have a typical high school experience, but I feel like I might as well do stupid and fun stuff while I am young because I will always be able to remember these times fondly.