This past weekend, the weekend of December 8-10th, made me feel the happiest I have been in a while. While I was in school, it started to snow, and while most people believed that it wouldn’t stick, it did. It snowed for all of Friday and Saturday. I was supposed to go with my dad that weekend, and for some reason, I had some compulsion to not go, and it really upset me for some reason, which was odd, because I had planned on going.

I stayed home that night, and my brother and I made fun of the movie “Bedeviled”, which is truly awful. The next day, I listened to a lot of tutorials about FL Studio, and started to get better at producing. I listened to a lot of Lil Peep, and was influenced by that. I also started running again, even though it was difficult. I played a lot of battlefront 2 this weekend, and that was fun.

I hung out with my friends and we stirred some trouble with my friend Sean’s golf cart. When I got home on Sunday, we hung ornaments on our tree and watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and that was a very great day, and it really got me into the spirit of the holidays.