February 2018 Roundup

February 2018 was an interesting month. I got into some stuff, good and bad. A lot of this month was overshadowed by the tragedy of the Florida shooting, which was awful and caused a lot of controversy. I got into watching streamers on Twitch, especially a Runscape streamer named Alisha12287, and Drift0r, as always. I mostly played Fortnite this month, and some PuBG. I also played Black Ops a lot, and I can’t wait for a good Call of Duty game again. I just want a simple, good, boots on the ground shooter. I can’t wait to 1v1 people again and have a good time. Michael Stanton and sean Came over.

We mostly chilled out and played Postal 2. We watched the movie called “The Ritual” which was very good., and had one of the scariest monsters I have seen in a movie. We also watched the new SAW movie, “Jigsaw”, which was incredibly disappointing, especially compared to the others in the series. I also became interested in Russian and started learning more about their language and learned the alphabet. I want to go there one day. Track season has also started, and with it I got in some good longs runs. I was able to listen to every Lil Peep album on my long runs, it was a good experience.

My brother and I also watched “13 Reasons Why” again, and it was funny to think about how unrealistic high school is in that show. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, and it’s one of the only shows where we both really watch it and laugh at it. I also listened to Blink 182 a lot this week, and I got more into the punk rock of the early 2000’s.

I also went over to Sean’s mountain house and we all got lit, and played games like bachi, swam, and played Fortnite. We all had juuls so we smoked them in the unfinished building beside the cabin. It was a really good view, and I got pretty buzzed. We also played bachi and tried to golf a little. We also hiked up for a smoke and found an abandoned cabin. It was fun though, and Sean and I watched the Human Centipede movie, which I regret. Overall it was a good month, and my 16th birthday is coming up soon.