April 2018 Roundup

April has come and gone, and it has largely been a good month. It started off with my family taking a trip to Washington D.C., and we stayed in one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. We also went to see the Holocaust museum in addition to the Spy Museum. We also went to the tanger outlets and everyone got some stuff, I got a windbreaker from Nautica for cheap, which was nice. Nan and Grand Sam don’t travel as often anymore so it was great to have a vacation with them

I also skateboarded a lot this month, I skated all week with Stanton (which added up to like 20 hours a week), and also skateboarded on the weekends with my friends Davidson and Ethan. Ethan met the girl he was hanging out with lately, but it was mad awkward because they wouldn’t talk to each other if we weren’t there.

I started watching Freaks and Geeks this month with Ian, and it is one of the greatest shows ever made, and the best “high school” show ever made.

My friends and I also watched a show called “Atypical” which is about an autistic kid, and we watched it over the course of 2 weekends, and it ended up being a fairly solid show.

I played a lot of Fortnite this month, but also some Far Cry 5 and even Destiny 2 at the end of the month. My little brother and I played “The Forest”, which was really fun. I also went to Michael’s house after a track meet and we skipped some school the next day, which was nice.

I also got my license this month, which was nice to finally get it after waiting a month to get it. My car is a 2013 red Nissan altima and I am glad. It’s a great car and has only been hit twice, with some minor dents and scratches, but everything on the inside is good. Accutane has really been working, and I don’t have any pimples anymore, I’m just waiting for the red from the old ones to go away.

We had a school workday where we headed down to Victory Mountain to help clean up the camp because we use it for a student day in the Fall.Davidson,Kostas, and Eli, I worked on setting up campfires across the camp. I also saw “A Quiet Place” and thought it was super overrated, it was nothing more than an average blumhouse-esque horror movie, and didn’t really deserve the praise it got. Overall it was a very good week, and is looking up for this year.