September 2017 Roundup

September 2017 was another great month, although it was a bit more stressful than the first, it had more fun moments. A lot of great things came out in September that my friends and I enjoyed. I saw the new Stephen King movie, “IT” in theaters with my friends, and it is currently my favorite movie of the year, even over Logan Lucky. It captures the innocence of boyhood and the eventual loss of innocence so well, and I found it to be not only a great horror movie, but a great coming-of-age story. I also got the chance to read Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, and it is most likely the best science fiction novel that I have ever read in my life. It is even better than Ender’s game. The worldbuilding and character development that Herbert creates is amazing, and the “Fremen” culture is fascinating. Destiny 2 came out on the 29th, and it is just what I have been waiting for. This is the game that will probably propel me through the year, and it is leagues better than the first one. It has a much better and gripping underdog story, better multiplayer balance, and more developed open worlds. I can’t think of a better game in 2017. The Killers new album “Wonderful Wonderful” also came out, and it is amazing. It is one of the better Killers albums, with singles like “Tyson vs. Douglas” and “Run for Cover” standing out as the best. Homecoming is also creeping up, so there’s that. This month, I had 2 sick days, and I spent the whole days playing Destiny 2 and watching videos on acting, which I have found out is pretty interesting. I think that I would like to take a class in that in college. I also got really into synthesizers, and after watching the “New York School of Synthesis” I think I have an amateur’s grasp on it. I got my cross country PR of 17:55 at Haganstone too. I also started this website. The family went on vacation to Hilton Head with Nan and GrandSam, and that is a treat as always. We went to the outlets and I got some awesome clothes and we also saw a stand up comedian, ROllin J moore.