September 2018 Roundup

September was a long and hectic month, to be honest. I had a lot of fun, but this month is marred by some stress and sadness. I listened to a wide variety of bands this month. For the first part of the month, I listened to Billie Eilish, which usually isn’t my thing, but I was into that pop sound this month. I was also really into Paramore, which is a great pop punk band. I think Hayley williams is super hot too, with a killer voice. I listened to a lot of Real Friends as well. Also a lot of Amity on my long runs. Neck Deep was also a big part of September, and they are one of my favorite pop punk bands ever.

Hurricane Florence hit this month, so wer got Friday off from school, even though it wasn’t that bad. I even ran my long run in the hurrican,e it was kind of dope to run with AMity Affliction in the storm. I also asked Faith to homecoming, and that was great, it didn’t go to smoothly since we were both probably nervous, but I like her a lot. I hung out with Sean, and we played Deadliest Warrior and watched a movie called “My Teacher, My Obsession”. I also watched Bojack Horseman, which was great, and the new season of Atypical. I skated a lot this month, and got really into a lot of pop punk bands. I went over to Sean’s house with all the guys, and got really drunk while we watched Queer Eye haha. Even though we had a two hour delay because of the hurricane, I didn’t go anyways, since that was the day we visited ops at the hospital. He was connected to the machine so he wasn’t really alive, that day sucked. His funeral was that Friday, so we all got dressed up and headed over there. Ian and dad got on better terms for better or worse. (Since I wrote this in October I’m going to give a spoiler alert, my dad later texted my brother some truly awful shit, saying he didn’t care about anyone or pops or anything, it was so bad that no one is telling me exactly what he said, so there’s that. There’s a relationship that was being mended reduced to nothing. I fucking hate that this family is so dysfunctional, but that kind of the M.O. , dad always fucks the shit up that he’s trying to fix, I doubt they will see each other again.

I won a short XC meet, which was nice. The leadersihp retreat was also this month, and we partied hard in our room, but the chaporones on the trip didn't notice. It was really fun, even though the next day I was super gassed. Overall it was a hard month, and I am glad it’s over and can move on.