May 2018 Roundup

May 2018 was a hectic month, but it was overall a good one. I was relected for student leadership for next year which is pretty nice. I started talking to this girl that pretty hot but i Don’t know anything about her personality if that matters. I finally saw Infinity War, and it was by far my favorite marvel movie that has come out yet. I enjoyed every character in the movie, and the pacing was so good that it made two and a half hours seem like thirty minutes. I also saw the second season of Thirteen Reasons Why, and just like the first season, it’s not the best show ever, but it’s entertaining, and it’s my favorite genre, “high school drama”. Destiny came out with a new DLC called “Warmind” , and it was very fun, and finally fixed Destiny, making it fun again.

Finally all of my friends started to play Destiny 2, and now I can finally play the game with friends, which makes it 10 times more enjoyable. I listened to a lot of folk rock this month (Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Lord HUron, and some Juice WRLD). I also got my hair cut like Lil Peep, and it’s a pretty good look.

My grade went on the Charleston trip, which was really fun. I shared a room with Blake, Stanton, and Ethan, and we had a small service project and then a night on the beach. The most fun parts are the bus trips, and I bought some clout glasses and hung out with Michael for the day.

I also worked in All Sports Camp, which was an easy job. I got to go eat out every lunch break, and on one day , miller and I took an extra long break and went skateboarding in the middle of camp for an hour, and when we got back no one noticed we were gone. My skin and teeth have been getting way better and I got a lot of compliments this week, which was really nice. A lot of upperclassmen work the camp , so it’s nice to be able to hang out with them. I also had exams but they weren’t very interesting or difficult. Overall it was a good month that was really good way to start the summer.